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Blogging is a lucrative online platform that could help you fetch a good lump sum. People strive to create content that attracts the attention of many visitors. The motive behind coming up with creative content is to stand a chance to compete and grow your clientele base. However, it would be best if you had the assistance of some valuable blog tools that help you perform certain functions more effectively and efficiently. These tools are essential since they help improve the quality of your content as well as generate more revenue by saving time. For instance, you may decide to acquire tools specially designed to help your back linking efforts. Some of these tools play a huge role in enhancing your search engine ranking and visibility.

Let’s take a look at some of the free blog tools and their functions.

SEO evaluation tools.

People develop an interest in learning the SEO effectiveness of their website. There certainly a number of blogging tools that may help you evaluate your SEO performance. You may choose to work with a tool like WooRank, which offers free services. It is a great option since it gives you some valuable SEO tips as well as evaluating a website based on 50 criteria.

Duplicate Contents

Bloggers that heavily rely on outsourcing content from part-time writers a duplicate content tool will come in handy. Duplicate content may jeopardize the reputation of your website, which makes it necessary to seek assistance from a duplicate checker to avoid issues related to plagiarism. You could try out the Copyscape tool that allows you to check for possibly duplicated content, which helps you save resources and avoid legal tussles.

Keywords Analysis

Ideal keyword density and word count are common areas that are emphasized a lot in SEO optimization. They affect your website’s ranking, and it makes perfect sense to use a keyword tool to help analyze the quality of your blog title and content. The blogging tool also generates useful keywords that have a higher search. They also help you choose the best keyword from a list of keyword ideas.

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