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Tools to Help You Manage Your Blog 2019

Writing an excellent blog involves more than just writing high-quality posts. The best blogs incorporate graphics, videos, and other helpful media to draw interest to and support the text. Here are five tools you can use to make your blog the best it can be.
Make InfoGraphics. An InfoGraphic is just a graphical representation of data or statistics. For blogs that use a lot of data in their posts, InfoGraphics are a fantastic way to make an otherwise dense, boring post readable and exciting. They are easy to create using Photoshop or MS Paint. You can upload these graphics onto image sharing websites and even use them on social media sites such as Facebook. In just a few minutes, a good InfoGraphic can add plenty of flair to any post.

Incorporate Videos. The adage says that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is true, how priceless is a video? Some blogs incorporate instructional videos shot using a webcam. Others take advantage of screen capture and editing tools to create slideshow-style videos. Upload your video on a hosting website such as YouTube or Vimeo, embed it in a post, and watch the traffic flock to your blog.

Create Podcasts. Creating podcasts of your blog posts is an excellent way to deliver your content to more readers. It also makes the content more usable for any reader. Several free podcast directories can give your blog plenty of extra publicity, making this tool well worth the minimal time and effort needed. Several free services, such as PodOmatic and Odiogo, can help you turn your blog posts into podcasts quickly and easily.

Write a Free E-book. An e-book is a very effective way to expand your blog’s mailing list and promote your content. This is particularly helpful for blogs that focus on single or closely related topics. Combine several related posts into the e-book and post it on a website such as E-books can also help promote your blog’s mailing list. Offer the book free to anyone who signs up, and you will see many new subscribers.

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Once you have incorporated these tools into your blog, these Google tools are a great way to measure their effectiveness. You can see which posts are most popular and even track potential problems such as crawl errors, broken links, load times, and malware.

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