Best Blogging Tools for Marketing

Blogging Tools for Better Marketing, SEO, Writing and Research

We all admire progress and SEO quality since it has a way of improving your website ranking and visibility. Blogging is a secret marketing tool that helps enhance the SEO quality, which improves website visibility whenever clients conduct related searches. Blogs that utilize the on-page SEO tactics stand a better chance to enhance the ranking in most search engines.

You could also seek assistance from blog tools that help you save and reduce more of the manual work. The valuable blog tools help bloggers save on time and effort as well as money that could have been used to acquire services from specialists such as software engineers, writers,  virtual assistants, marketers, among many others.

Let us take a look at some of the best blogging tools that are ideal for better SEO, marketing, writing, and research.

Serp Robot

This blog tool allows you to track your blog’s ranking by considering the keyword word count, quality, and density. Serp Robot is, therefore, a free Google rank checker that produces quality results that help inspect your blog’s health. Understanding your blog’s performance will help you realize its ability to attract organic search traffic. A decline in performance may be an indication of some potential Google penalty.


Ahrefs has won the hearts of many by producing quality results. It has an admirable reputation, which ranks it among the best and most effective blog tools. It pays attention to details and emphasizes on the competitor analysis and keyword research areas. The tool is relatively affordable and advanced.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is yet another effective blog tool that is worthy of trying out since it helps enhance your marketing strategy by boosting your SEO efforts. It has a wide array of features that set is apart from other tools such as marketing planning, keyword ranking tracking, advanced traffic analytics, competitor monitoring, research tools, among many others. It also promises quality results due to its robust nature.

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